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 The Finale

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PostSubject: The Finale   Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:45 pm

This is a new project again with Super Heroes, I'm working on many projects right now so check them out.

The Finale
By: Interpol
Chapter One
In the Dark times, you don’t question the kingdom. Alan Rogers knew that better then anyone. Alan was a detective for the kingdom, to serve it and destroy all that fought against it. Alan wanted to help the people, just like War did when he was still alive. War was a man dedicated to help all those who the kingdom abused. He was a deity to the people, a true hero. Alas the times for heroes have past with his death, and began the Dark times were a sickness to the people; it did not matter to the royal who died so that they may live in pleasure. The body count increased each day for Alan, a man with no power but swore an oath to the kingdom. The back of his mind reminded each day of his life, this is wrong.

Do not blame Alan for the world he must live in. Blame the true evil of the world, the kingdom. Raised from horrible rituals since birth, a close knitted family that sought death, and destruction. Victor Louis VII, the king, a veteran of the Gaia War. He has breathed in death and chaos since his birth. His Queen is dead, he killed her himself, after birthing her third child which was his daughter who he himself murdered. His first children were sons, Alexander Louis, and Victor Louis VIII. There are no demons as bad as they are. They do as they will in the kingdom, and the king’s wizard gave them the means to do it. Blessed with the protection of Jax, the Warrior death god, they have unimaginable strength and weapons gods should only posses. His two sons run the land with an iron fist.

Alan is investigating an old crime syndicate that sought to take out the kingdom. These men set up a good operation, but so were all the others. The Illuminati is what they called themselves, they were longest lasting rebels against the kingdom itself.

“Alan!” a warm voice called out to him, “What’s the word on these bastards?”
The source of the voice is the lead director of Kingdom Secret Police, Andrew Watson.
“Not that great, sir. We still don’t have any leads; these men don’t leave a trace.” Alan answered.

“Well it’s so fucking great to hear that!” Andrew yelled. “Do any of you idiots, actually have some good news. I have heard a few things from above that some cuts are going to be made.”

Alan sighed at the obvious threat; Andrew made that threat twice a week. Alan was surprised to have not been fired on the spot. Three years he’s been working on and off the job. It was Andrew’s choice to keep bringing Alan back. Andrew Watson was higher class, a distant family member of the royal family. Andrew’s father was the brother of the king, but was beheaded for helping the Illuminati. Once Andrew had proved his loyalty they forgave him and made him the lead director. He proved himself by slaying a family that had suspicious ties to the Illuminati. There was no evidence against them.

A detective crashed into the room and yelled “MARVEL!” This is a term that means an illegal powered human sighting.
“WHAT!?” yelled Andrew with a stunned look. It was not uncommon for there to be a Marvel sighting. Super powered people popped up every now and then vowing vengeance upon the kingdom. They don’t ever win of course, not with the Louis Demons protecting their castle.
“Sir, he’s a man in a mechanical suit, flying sir! A flying suit! He’s headed straight towards the castle now!”

“WHAT!!!” he yelled grabbing the intercom microphone, “Attention, all personnel? A Marvel is headed towards the Kingdom we need all Mask Killers to line up at the wall and focus on him alone.”

Alan smiled at all the excitement, another Marvel he thought. “This ought to be interesting.” Luckily for Alan the station was right outside the Castle Wall. A distant jet engine could be heard from inside the station.
“The hell is that?” Andrew remarked. The noise became increasingly loud.
“Sir, it’s him he’s already here!”

Alan saw the Marvel, a robot in the shape of a human landed right in front of the gate. Amazing… Alan thought gazing at the Marvel. The Machine Man landed near the open square of the gate. The king’s guard or Mask Killers were lined up against it, watching the approaching enemy.

“Attention all law enforcement, I am not here to fight, and getting in my way will only result in your death. Do not, I repeat DO NOT get in my way,” the robot said in a mechanized voice. The Mask Killers brought out their rifles, and pointed at the Marvel.

“Attention outlaw,” It was the lead directors voice, “Cease your movements and lay down your arms. The kingdom demands your death as punishment for your illegal technology and aggressive nature towards the King himself.” The Kingdom demands your death… Alan thought. That was the motto of the Kingdom Secret Police.

“No!” was the simple answer from the machine man. Gunshots rang out; Alan took cover under the window sill of the police station. Alan was scared for the machine man, no marvel deserves to die they are to be honored for their heroic acts against the cruel kingdom. The gunfire finally stopped and Alan looked out the window. All the Mask Killers lay defeated under the machine man. Alan was awestruck, by the efficiency of the mechanized Marvel in the amount of time it took him.

Suddenly in the middle of the battle field someone in a black cloak appeared. Alan knew who this person was and realized the battle was already over. The kings Shadow knight, was what made kids obey their mothers. The Shadow knight was a nightmare to the men in the kingdom, a sword fight with him and meant certain death. The Machine man turned to the Shadow Knight, with the same mechanized voice he asked “Step aside.”

The Shadow Knights movements were too fast for Alan, and took him a second to realize that they were in combat. The Shadow Knight had struck the Machine Man, heaving down his sword but the armor was strong enough to withstand the hit. The Machine Man parried the attack aside and through a punch at him. He easily dodged him with a back flip. They both paused looking at each other. The Shadow Knight was completely covered hiding his face, except for his eyes, a dark brown that almost seem black; the Machine Man’s eyes were glowing red. The Shadow knight prepared for another attack but his stance changed, and his sword began to glow with lightning. Alan seen the attack before, it made the killing blow on War. He was sure the Machine Man was dead. Without thinking Alan pulled out his gun and shot at Shadow Knight. Alan’s world changed as he made his shot, the entire world slowed down. The Shadow Knight was completely focused on the Machine Man; both did not see the bullet coming. The bullet made contact with the Shadow Knights shoulder, as he was about to strike the Machine Man. The man in black missed the target of the Machine Mans heart and struck at his hip. Blood, oil, and metal hit the street. The Machine Man and the Shadow Knight froze. The Machine Man moved with incredible speed and flew away. The Shadow Knight looked to see who fired the bullet. Alan walked as if everything was normal, no one saw him shoot, and the Shadow Knight just saw another detective getting back to work. He wasn’t in any danger, was he?
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PostSubject: Re: The Finale   Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Finale   Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:09 pm

Whoa... Shocked Extremely captivating, man. drunken

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PostSubject: Re: The Finale   Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:41 am

Wow. Another great stroy coming from Interpol. *CLAPPING!!!!!*

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PostSubject: Re: The Finale   Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:20 pm

Good job man!
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PostSubject: Re: The Finale   

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The Finale
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