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 Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders

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PostSubject: Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders   Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 3:58 pm

The Ultimate Outsiders. 1st issue.
Issue #1: Assembly

Alice, a regular 17 year old girl, stood in front of a collapsed building, the recently crushed Ultimate Marvels HQ. Alice sighed as she saw no one was around, she was hoping to meet one of the new Super-Heroes. She turned to leave only to be confronted by a familiar boy with black hair, blue eyes, and least was one year older then her.
“John?” She asked
“Hi, Alice” He greeted, Alice knew him because they go to the same high school. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans. She also noticed his above average physique. She only talked to him once before, he acts very coldly to others, which made him an outsider, like her.
“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“I was about to ask you that.” He answered. Something about his voice made Alice answer first.
“I just saw this on the news yesterday and I wanted to check it out. And you? What are you doing here?” She repeated.
“Do you have powers?” He asked. This made Alice really uncomfortable. How could he know...? She thought.
“What do you mean?” She tried to sound innocent.
“Don't play with me; do you or not?” He asked impatiently.
“Uh-um no, no, I don't.” She responded and began to walk away. What's this guys problem? Just comes up to me-- She didn't get to finish her thought, John smacked her back with a metal trash can he found on the sidewalk. It only hurt her a little, but she was pissed. She turned around in a fury.
“The hells your problem @$$-hole?!” she yelled. She threw a punch but only hit air as John easily dodged her, she threw another and it made contact... with the building next to them. Dust and rubble was sent flying in the air, there was a big dent in the building, luckily the surrounding area was evacuated and no one was around to see this.
“Alice, calm down.” John said not changing his attitude. Alice did, she was on her knees, crying in her hands. Now it was John's turn to be uncomfortable.
“What the hell's your deal? Why does it matter? You gonna spread it around school that I'm a freak now, huh? What's with you?!” She asked in and angry tone.
“Alice, I'm sorry. No, I won't tell anyone, the reason I'm here is because I wanted to recruit you for a team I'm going to make.” John explained.
“Team?” She asked.
“Yeah, where a bunch of us can go out and y'know protect and serve.” John said, still uncomfortable.
“Why?” She asked.
“Because I have nothing better to do after school,” John said. Alice laughed with tears still in her eyes. “Because, I look up to people like the Ultimate Marvels.” He said looking at the building. “You don't have too join, but I had to make sure you had powers and the only why I could get you too, was to force you. No one would openly say it.” John finished.
“Sorry I lied” Alice said. Feeling better that someone knew instead of her keeping it in.
“Sorry I hit you with a trash can, even?”
“Not by a long shot, but yes by the way.”
“I'll join your team.” she said cheerfully.

The next day at school.
John and Alice are sitting in the bleachers of the football field during lunch.
“So, do you have powers?” Alice asked.
“Nope.” John answered.
“What, but I thought--”
“You don't need powers, but I'm glad someone on the team does.” This made Alice nervous, but then she thought back to yesterday.
“How were able to dodge me so easily yesterday?”
“Just because I don't have powers doesn't mean I'm not trained.”
“So, you're like a martial artist?”
“Cool, what else can you do?”
“Well, I'm real good with projectile weapons, I'm a decent shot, I trained mainly with a staff, also I'm a Hacker, in a way.”
“Hey, can you fill up my iPod?”
“I need to ask you also, is it just strength or do you have other powers?”
“I don't think I have anymore...”
“Are you sure?”
“I don't know...”
“You're not going to come at me with another trash can are you?”
“Of course not. I had a good idea, you could take it.”
“In class you broke pencils in half during a writing test, and that fight at our school recently, when that girl got pushed back and you were behind her, you two bumped heads and you made her unconscious.”
“That was an accident.”
“I'm not accusing you, but you should be careful.”
“So anyways... anymore people you need to investigate, or are you just going to throw trash cans at everyone?”
“You're never going to let that go-- are you?
“Nope!” Alice said with a smile. John sighed.
“Our next recruit is Elise Drew.”
“That weird gothicy girl?”
“She's not weird, okay? She's different.”
“What makes you think she's got powers?”
“Her family background is odd, but we can't be sure until we ask.”

“Wow! She lives here?” Alice asked. A huge mansion was presented in front of them, over three stories high.
“This is where it said in her school profile.” John answered. Alice went ahead and knocked on the door, this surprised John.
“Wait, what are we going to do?” John motioned.
“Well there's a trash can over--” Alice didn't finish. The door opened and a petite blond girl stepped out, wearing a black top and skirt. John noticed at once her choker and bracelets, they each had a red gem in it.
“May I help you?” She asked.
“Hi, I'm Alice and this is John.” Alice answered.
“I know who you too are...” Elise answered with a hint of a British accent.
“Those three gems you have... what are they for?” John suddenly asked. Elise had a look of shock on her face for a second.
“What these?” She brought up her hands up to show them. “They're just jewelery.” Elise answered.
“Elise, what does your father do?” John asked.
Elise was getting mad, Pushy bastard she thought.
“That's none of your business! Now leave!” She yelled and tried to slam the door shut, but John caught it and held it open.
“GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!” She screamed. Suddenly, Elise was fuming with a bright red aura. The powerful aura swung at John following Elise's motions. John was sent back but he was able to flip and land on his feet in Elise's front yard. John grabbed a small black baton from his holder on his belt that quickly grew into a staff. Elise came flying out of the house surrounded in her red aura. Alice was stunned and couldn't move.
“Elise, please settle down, I just want to ask you some questions”
“IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT!!!” she screamed. John was glad that Elise lived outside the city in a secluded area, no innocents could interfere.
“Elise, I'm not going to fight you.” John said.
“Good.” The ground beneath John started to shake, then eventually rose into the air. With a motion of Elise's hand John and the pile of earth was tossed onto another part of her yard. John was able to plant his staff into the ground and swing around and land.
Before Elise could react, John was already upon her. Guy can move... Alice thought watching the fight take place before her still stunned. Elise picked up random objects and sent them at John. He easily dodged them in acrobatic moves. He then got upon her ready to strike, a lightening bolt flashed in between Elise and John. Rain started to pour erratically, someone was coming towards them. A man appeared, walking down the road, towards them, wearing black and a trench coat.
“Oh no... Deathlok...” Elise whimpered.
“Alice! Wake up, I need you for this one.” John called.
“What? O-Okay.” She answered
“BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, children, my won't this be fun? I'm here to fight my old nemesis, but I guess I could use a warm up.” The insane laughter from him sent a chill down Alice's spine.
“Come, and get it!” John yelled.

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders   Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 3:59 pm

The Ultimate Outsiders. 2nd issue.
Issue #2: Unexpected Guest

Deathlok's laughter continued to ring out, as the ground began to shake, it seemed a monstrosity followed him “Meet my new pet, Fafnir. He could use a little appetizer before the main course.” Deathlok chuckled. The monster had the appearance of a reptile or a dragon. Big, scaly and green.
“Oh god, where's dad?” Elise asked herself.
John looked back at her and saw her fear, she was shaking uncontrollably. Her red aura disappeared.
“Elise, are you okay?” John asked.
“ohgodohgodohgod...” She kept repeating.
John couldn't take it. He walked right up to Elise and slapped her across the face.
“Listen Elise,” He grabbed hold of her, “You are not going to get me killed today. Pull it together now. I need you to help in this fight, Alice and I can't do it ourselves; we need you” John urged.
“Di-Did you just hit me?” Elise asked with a dark tone, her aura rapidly growing.
“As soon as we're done with this, I'll deal with you...” Elise was once again pissed. She flew up into the air, getting the attentions of both Deathlok and his dragon.
John ran to Alice, “Alice I want you to attack Fafnir” He asked.
“I-I can't...”
“Alice, you could throw that thing, back into the city from all the way out here! Please just give it a try.” John begged her.
She nodded, and John left her, running after Deathlok, whose attention still was upon Elise.
Elise was in the air, her power continued to grow, and she flew at Fafnir, sending energy blast at him through her hands.
The dragon, roared with rage. Swatting at her with it's tail, it missed. John was charging at Deathlok, his attention still on Elise, John pulled out his second baton and threw it straight at Deathlok. It hit him, square in the jaw. This had surprised him. He didn't mean to get involved in the fight that fast.
“Errrr... Little pest, I've been fighting Gaius Drew longer then you've been alive. You're not worthy of my time.” Deathlok bellowed. With that he started to chant a magic spell, he held his hand towards John and he got blown away by a sudden gust of wind. John plummeted back violently until he hit Elise's house.
“Aghhhhh!!” He called out in pain.
“Hahahaha... You're a fool boy! To think you could take me? Ahahaha-” Deathlok was interrupted by car colliding with him.
Alice had got behind him while he was taunting John, and struck him with the car parked by Elise's house. “W-was that my car!?” Elise asked mid-fight with Fafnir.
The enraged dragon took advantage of Elise's dismay and hit her with it's clawed hand. She hit the ground-- hard but her aura was able to protect her from getting injured badly.
Alice was mad as hell, “YOU DON'T GET TO HURT MY FRIEND!!!” She yelled at Deathlok.
Deathlok was down about half a football field from where he was standing a second ago. He slowly got up. Pure rage on his face, “YOU HARLOT, YOU DARE STRIKE ME???!!!” He raised his hand and began to enchant... but before he could finish he was knocked in the back of the head by a powerful blow.
John was back up and already upon Deathlok. The first hit made him stagger forward and the second hit that came immediately after made full contact with the side of Deathlok face.
Deathlok fell down and finally stayed down.
John was panting and Alice came up to him with the car still in her hand.
“You okay?” She asked.
“Yeah... You?” He replied with weight on his staff. She nodded.
“Good, lets go finish off Fafnir.” He finished. They both turned to see Fafnir trying to crush Elise at the same place she hit the ground. The Dragon was trying to palm her into the earth, her aura was fighting back at it. Alice turned to John for a plan, but he was already sprinting towards the deadly beast.
“Idiot.” She muttered to herself.
John was coming up right behind Elise, he threw a marble like device at the face of Fafnir. A flash appeared in it's face and Fafnir was blinded. It roared and backed away from the struggling girl.
As the dragon staggered back a flying car hit it on the side of the head. Alice was of course held responsible for that.
Elise' aura grew bigger, “Gosh, what does that girl have against Civics!?” she asked John.
“Ask her yourself.” He answered.
“Wait a minute! This is all you two's fault!! You come over here uninvited and throw around accusations... What are you even doing here?” she asked, her aura aflame.
“Hey, it's not our fault, your father is a hero of the mystic realm, and his nemesis just so happens to show up when we do.”
“What do you even want with my father?” Her anger increasing even more with his mention.
“We didn't come for your father, we came here for you.” He said back. Elise was taken aback with this comment.
“What do you want with me?”
“We wanted-”
“HEY!!!” Alice interuppted. “If you didn't notice, both the Dragon and weird wizard guy are up!”
Deathlok was already doing a enchantment. The ground shook horribly beneath the trio's feet and the earth beneath them began to raise at an incredible rate. At once as it reached a point where a fall would surely mean death, Fafnir hit the pillar with his tail.
Elise immediately began to fly and picked up the person closes to her, which was Alice.
Ohcrapohcrapohcrap... John thought rapidly thinking of some solution.
Suddenly his fall started to slow down. He then notice he was surrounded by a red aura. John sighed with relief. He landed safely on the ground. The two girls landed beside him and they all got ready for the terrible twosome to make the first move.
“FOOLISH CHILDREN, DID YOU THINK YOU COULD GET RID OF ME SO EASILY??!! NO MORE GAMES!!! THIS ENDS NOW!!!” Deathlok was yelling with all his rage. He began to chant rapidly, but then started to slow down looking towards the sky with fear in his eyes.
“G-GAIUS?!” he yelled with fear.
“Hello, Darius.” the man in the air said.
“Daddy!!” Elise said happily.
Thank god... John and Alice thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders   Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 4:00 pm

UltimateInterpol Productions Present... The Ultimate Outsiders
Issue #3: Into the Blinding Light

A man from what looked like the Middle Ages descended on the battle field of Elise's front yard, “Darius,” He said calmly, “I recommend you leave immediately. You're a wreck, and no match for--”
“FAFNIR ATTACK!!!” Deathlok commanded. The dragon flapped it's wings and took off in the air.
“Call him off. He shouldn't have to be hurt.” Gaius said.
“Never! I'll finally prove to our master, who the most powerful one is!” Deathlok yelled.
Fafnir began to dive at an incredible speed. It was planning to plummet down upon Gaius. Alice took a step back, fear had taken over her. She looked at John who seemed to be thinking of some kind of solution.
“Do not fear, children. No more harm will come upon you.” Gaius stated.
He lifted up his hand, and right when it was about to crush them... A powerful gust of air was casted upward knocking Fafnir offcourse. The dragon reared back and fell... on Elise's Mansion.
“DAD!!!” Elise yelled in dismay.
“Uh, sorry honey.” Gaius chuckled nervously.
“Oh, no. Was there anyone in that house?” Alice asked.
“No, I live alone... except... <gasp>” Elise said, before suddenly flying off with her aura surrounding her.
“What...?” Alice said.
“Don't worry she can take care of her self. Now as for you 'Deathlok'. One more chance. Then, I'm afraid I won't be able to hold back anymore. Leave now!” Gaius said.
“Hahahahaha... Gaius, the day I surrender to you, will be the day when I die...” Saying that Deathlok pulled out a black gem, the size of a fist. Shock was implanted into Gaius face.
“Don't do it, Darius! Don't be a fool! It will destroy you,” Gaius pleaded.
“HAHAHAHAHA... I DON'T CARE!!!!” Deathlok, Screamed. He then pushed the gem in his chest. The rainy sky got darker and more violent. A dark aura surrounded Deathlok.
“Children,” Gaius said turning to them “I need the both of you to run as far away from here as you can. Just please find my daughter and go.”
“Mr. Drew, what's happening?” John asked.
“Deathlok has taken the stone of most impure, into himself. It will increase his powers to near god-like standards. Please, go and tell my daughter, I love her, and I'm taking this fight to the mystic realm.”
“You will do no such thing!!” Deathlok screeched appearing from no where behind Gaius. Deathlok bit Gaius on the neck, his energy being zapped from him. Alice charged at him with a barrage of punches. Deathlok easily dodged them, laughing at her pain.
John stood by Gaius, lying him on the ground. Black liquid poured out of the bite marks.
“Mr. Drew! Mr. Drew!!!” John called trying to reach Gaius who seemed in a daze.
“MR. DREW!!!” John yelled. Suddenly John was yanked to his feet by his collar. John feared that it was Deathlok so took a defensive position, but then say it was a red light.
“What happened to my father?” It asked.
John was only then able to tell it was Elise who was talking to him.
“Deathlok absorbed the stone of most impure and bit your father.” John replied in a half panic voice.
Elise didn't falter one one bit, her light was as bright as the sun. She let go of John and flew straight at Deathlok to join the fight with Alice. John stood up and grabbed his staff.
“I hate magic.” He sighed.
John began to walk towards the fight, but a voice called out to him.
“Wait...” John went back to Gaius's side.
“Boy,” He gasped “There's a way for you to defeat Deathlok, but it could cost you your life.”
“Go on.” John answered.

“You-son-of-a-b****!!” Alice threw a punch with each syllable. Deathlok dodged every one of them, laughing at her.
“Come, let us see what your little 'Defenders' got--” Deathlok's taunting was interrupted by a powerful energy beam that was shot into his back.
Alice took advantage to counter with an earth shattering punch to his face, “We're not 'Defenders', We're THE OUTSIDERS!!!”
Deathlok was down on the ground. Alice punched him again, making the earth around him raise. Alice backed off, and Elise landed next to her.
“Outsiders?” Elise asked.
“What? It just came to me.” Alice said back.
The ground gave a shock wave, sending both girls off balance. Deathlok charged at them. Alice was swatted away with a punch. Elise tried to fend him off with her aura, but he easily broke through, pushing her to the ground.
“Get away from me!” She yelled at him. He didn't listen and lunged to sink his teeth into her neck. He made contact but was halted by the taste of metal. Deathlok looks to see he had been halted by a staff, and who the wielder was...
“John?” Elise said.
It was John. He had mystical markings all over him, from what Elise could see. The markings on his arms and palms were glowing. Deathlok let go of the staff and took a step back surprised at the markings he had all over him, then smiled.
“Purity marking?” Deathlok asked, “That's dangerous magic your messing with, boy. It could destroy you.” He chuckled at the thought.
“The same could be said about you.” John stated, swinging back his staff and striking Deathlok in the face. Deathlok got up and smiled, his smug smile.
“Don't you know the repercussions of that sort of magic? I can absorb it to make myself stronger.” Deathlok jumped up and grabbed John's throat.
“AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I WILL BE THE STRONGEST!!!!” Deathlok cried. A gust of wind picked up around them, circling the energy transfer. The markings traveled from John's throat to Deathlok's hands then to the stone of most impure.
John took his chance to grab at the stone hopeing Gaius Drew's advise would help him in some way.
It did.
“ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Deathlok screamed. Black lighting surrounded Deathlok putting him through excruciating pain. John didn't get out easy, he was also in pain.
The purity markings went into the stone of most impure faster.

John remembered Gaius Drew's words, "These markings will dull the strength of the stone of most impure, when all of the markings are gone you'll be left weak from the transfer of energy, but so should Deathlok. That is the time to strike. Aim for the stone, but as I have said, it may cost you your life, the stone will obliterate anyone in at least a mile radius. The stone will eventually destroy the wielder, but you can't let him cause anymore damage.Please boy-" "John.”
“My name; it's John.”

Johns arms burned from the marks that glowed on his arms. Then, it all stopped, John noticed all the markings were gone, even the ones that glowed. He quickly grabbed the metal knuckles he had in his pack, and took a punch.
“S@#$” He said. He had no power behind it, he was drained.
“You wish...” Alice came in and made an uppercut on Deathlok, while Elise swooped in to save John. Deathlok barely felt the punch.
“YOU ARE BECOMING A PEST.” He said, hitting Alice. She blocked but that didn't stop the overpowered magician. She was sent flying, but landed alive.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Elise asked John.
“The stone... aim for it... you got to destroy it.” John answered with pain in his voice.
“Right, the stone.” Elise said facing Deathlok. He was walking towards them, Elise became that red light John saw before.
“DON'T WASTE MY TIME!!!” He scowled.
Elise gave all she had, but Deathlok wasn't a fool he protected the stone with his arm. Elise was slapped aside and he was upon John.
“READY TO DIE??!!” Deathlok questioned him. He raised both his hands in a hammer motion, ready to crush John. He looked at the over-sized opponent and smiled.
“Maybe...” John answered. He extended his extra baton into a staff, and with all of his might stabbed at the stone of most impure.
It cracked, and a blinding light streaked out of its cracks. John was ready for anything.
“NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU MEDDLING KIDS!!!” Deathlok cried.
“Hey, haven't you heard? We're The Outsiders.” John said. He smiled again, Death already, huh... he thought. The light became more full. Sorry Alice, sorry Elise, I only wanted to help people... John felt arms wrap around his shoulders behind him, Mom...?
No, it was Alice, then Elise was in front hugging him. Her red aura could still be seen through the blinding light.
Then it was over...
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders   Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 4:01 pm

UltimateInterpol Produtions Present... The Ultimate Outsiders
Issue #4: Speed and Precision

"Hey, haven't you heard? We're The Outsiders.” John said. He smiled again, Death already, huh? He thought. The light became more full. Sorry Alice, sorry Elise. I only wanted to help people... John felt arms wrap around his shoulders behind him, Mom...?
No, it was Alice, then Elise was in front hugging him. Her red aura could still be seen through the blinding light.
Then it was over...

Two weeks later...

"Cyclone, are you in position yet?" A girl about 18 years old asked on top of a building. She was talking to her headset. Night was upon her, covering for her.
"I've been here for five minutes, Sis." The boy answered presumibly Cyclone.
"Hey, it's Arrow while were in the field, little Bro." The girl said calling herself Arrow.
"Whatever..." Cyclone said annoyed. "Why are we even doing this small time busting crooks who have ties up to DragynWulf? Why don't we aim for the head?"
"The Ultimate Marvels have that covered. We'd probably get in their way." Arrow said looking through her scope on her bow.
"Did you hear about the guy that attacked them with that 'Bug' thing?" Cycloned mentioned.
"Yeah, I can't believe some guy out there is giving us Archers a bad name. What was his name?" Arrow asked.
"I don't know Interpool or something..."
"Anyways, let's just get on the mission at hand."
"Same as last time?"
"Yes, you directly fight them and I give you cover."
Two men busted out of the convenience store across the street where Arrow took position. "Next time you don't pay your protection money, DragynWulf will come himself and torch your place!" The main crook lied, calling inside the store.
"Ready?" Cyclone lazily asked with a sigh.
"Ready." Arrow repeated.
A gust a wind was felt around the two crooks, "Whoa! What the hell was that?" One of them nervously asked.
"Hey!" A 16 year old kid yelled at them. "Give that owner his money back or I'll call the cops!" He threatened.
"Little punk..." One of the crooks muttered as he reached for his firearm, but found nothing. "Whuh... Where's my gat?" He questioned.
"What... these?" Cyclone pulled out two twin sidearms. "Bang, bang." He whispered, pointing the guns at them.
Two arrows were shot at the crooks. Both made direct hits on their chest. They were stun arrows, arrows that were modified with a blunt, sticky tip, that sent 300 kV into the target.
Both of the crooks were down in an instant.
"Another job well done." Cyclone said, giving the thumbs up to his sister. She was pointing an arrow towards him. "Hey, what are you doing?" She released an arrow. A man behind Cyclone fell, another thug, probably the driver.
"Now, were done." Arrow smiled. "I'm calling the cops now."

The next morning...
The Home of the two heroes from last night, Cyclone and Arrow.

"<Yawwnnnnnnn> Geez Jessica, we've been doing this pretty often. Maybe we could take a break?" The boy known as Cyclone asked his sister.
"I've been wanting someone to notice us, Danny. I heard of this team that was being put together a couple weeks ago..."
"Yeah, the Ultimate Marvels."
"No, not them. There's a younger team, but then again it was only a rumor..." She was practicing on her dart board, never missing the bulleye.
"So, what are we doing tonight?" Danny asked.
"We're going back out there. We know their schedule and they'll keep following it."
"They might bring extra muscle now, don't you think?"
"Yeah, I know." Jessica said hitting the bulls eye again.
"Hmm... Ever tried missing?" Danny asked.
"If I miss someone could die..." Jessica answered.
"Whatever..." Danny rolled his eyes.

That night...
The 'next place'...

Both heroes await the trouble to come on the roof of a building across the street of the next target.
"They're a little late, don't you think?" Danny noted to his sister.
"Yeah, we'll just wait a little longer before. We call it a night," Jessica said. Right as she said that two people came walking down the street, they both covered their faces. One was about ten feet tall, and maybe six feet wide. He was wearing a hoodie that amazingly covered him. The other person, was normal sized and very well covered.
"Who are they?" Danny asked.

"Sir, why did you want to come? There's no reason for you to be here. Also, Master could get mad that you're out." The big one whispered.
"I'm here to find a challenge and I don't care what he thinks." The smaller guy answered.

"So, what are we going to do?" Danny asked.
"I don't know... Those guys seem like real trouble. Especially the big guy. Maybe we should just call the cops right now and cover for them." Jessica answered.
"That's a coward's way out. What if those guys seriously hurt one of the cops?"
"Cyclone, we have to take precautions. We're just teenagers!"
"Yeah, super-human teenagers! C'mon, we can take care of them. If we just back down at every single challage, we'll never be as good as the Ultimate Marvels."
With that Cyclone took off at a great speed towards the enemies, leaving Arrow stunned at her brothers words. He's right... Arrow thought. She started to take aim and noticed her brother was already in trouble.

"Who in the hell might you be?" The big guy asked. "Are you the one causing our Master so much grief?" The enormous man said holding Cyclone up in just one of his palms, crushing him.
"I'm just the post man," Cyclone gasped. "I got a special delivery for an A. Hole" He snickered.
"There's no 'A. Hole' here."
"What are you talking about? I'm looking right at one."
"ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!" The big guy yelled being hit by a sharp arrow in the shoulder. Cyclone was now able to get out.
Another arrow was released, a stunner arrow. It hit the big guy, but it had no effect on him. By then he was able to take out the arrow. Not even noticing the blood pouring out on his hoodie. Right then he threw away his jacket and revealed himself.
"I'm the Wild Bull and I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!" He yelled. Both Cyclone and Arrow marveled at the sight of Wild Bull. He was incredibly built.
"RARRRAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!" He charged at Cyclone with surprising speed, but the speedster was still able to move easily out of the way. Wild Bull continued until he smashed the building across the street, where Arrow was standing. She was oblivious to how much power Wild Bull had in him.
Wild Bull hit the building with an incredible force, Arrow was set off balance and fell off the building.
"OH, SHH--!!!!" She screamed while falling. Cyclone rushed over to her, but from the fall he wasn't able to tell if it mattered or not if she would survive the landing. Suddenly she began to glow red and her fall speed was decreasing. What's going on...? she thought as she landed, Cyclone was standing right next to her. They then saw who had saved Arrow. Three people were down the street, one guy in the middle, and two girls on each of his sides.
"Mind if we join the party?" The blonde girl asked, with a hint of a british accent.
"Sure..." Arrow said stunned. She couldn't believe their luck.
The guy from their group ran at the Wild Bull, he threw a tiny sphere at the giant and a flash shined from it blinded Wild Bull. He then took his chance to hit the giant with his staff, he didn't feel it. Wild Bull was frailing his arms erratically, trying to fend off his attackers while he tried to regain his sight.
One of the girls punched Wild Bull, the hit was so hard he was knocked off his feet and fell to the floor.
The girl that punched Wild Bull was hit from behind with just about equal force of her hit. She was hit by the smaller guy that was with Wild Bull. His cloak fell off revealing his face, everyone was shocked.
"You, stupid children, now you'll feel the wraith of DRAGYNFOX!!!"
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UltimateInterpol Produtions Present... The Ultimate Outsiders
Issue #5: Smart as a Fox

"DragynFox?" John asked.
DragynFox charged at John, he was the next closes target. Fox swung a punch at him, but John was easily able to dodge it. DragynFox did resemble DragynWulf in most ways excect a little smaller and he could be seen as a dragon fox. Fox continued his charge at John, he simply waited for an opening. And there it is... John thought as he swung his Iron Knuckle at DragynFox.
"Bastard, you dare strike me" DragynFox said fuming. John was surprised that his punch had such a pathetic effect.
"Crap..." John said.
John was knocked back into a wall. The costume he was wearing was all black, with a special kevlar polymer that took most of the punch's power away, other wise it'd probably of killed him. DragynFox continued his attack on John, but he was already up and ready for more. Fox charged but was hit by an energy blast in his side. The blast came from Elise who was charging up and in the air, her second blast was interuppted by Wild Bull. He grabbed her leg and swung her around and threw her at Arrow.
"Owww... sorry about that" Elise said getting off of the Archer.
"Um.. It's okay, who are you guys?" Arrow asked.
"Were the Ultimate Outsiders." she said with a smile.
"'Ultimate' Outsiders?"
"Hey, there's the 'Ultimate' Marvels, theres no reason we can't be." Elise said charging up her aura.

Two Weeks Ago...

Then it was over....
John was finnally able to see again, the blinding light caused him temporary blindness. Everything was over, and Deathlok had dissappeared. Elise and Alice were still clutching on to him with there eyes closed. Then John finnally realized that Elise had passed out, her aura had also fadded away. John finnally spoke.
"Alice are you alright?"
"Huh?" she pushed herself away from John "Uh y-yeah. D-Did we win?"
"Yeah I think so..." John said holding up Elise. He was finnally able to carry her in his arms.
"Oh man, Mr. Drew!!!" John said suddenly, they both turned to see Gaius Drew where they left him. They ran to him uncertain of what may have happened to him.
"Mr. Drew?" Alice asked.
"Hello, Outsiders?" he laughed, weakly.
"How did you survive?" Alice asked.
"Protective barrier... that cursed bite actually came in handy." He said showing his finger, it was covered in the black inkish liquid. There was a symbol on the ground showing a mystic marking.
"How's Elise? She didn't push herself too hard did she?" Gaius asked.
"She passed out, shielding us from the blast. I think she's only sleeping." John answered.
"J-John, I have something to ask you again, Theres a vial in the mansion that can cure me of the curse, can you find it for me, it's marked Haloclear."
"Um, there's a dragon on your house," Alice told him.
"Don't worry about that, he's no longer under control by Darius, he'll find his way back to the Mystic Realm. Go, please hurry." Gaius said sounding near death.
John and Alice looked at each other then Alice took off running. John gently laid Elise down near her father and tried to catch up to Alice.
Fafnir started to get up as the two heroes got closer. Fafnir looked at them both then moved it's tail, and pointed it at the heroes, a vial hanged by the tip, amazingly marked Haloclear.
"Uh, thanks" Alice said scared out of her mind. Then Fafnir took off into the sky, leaving both heroes to chase back after Gaius Drew. Alice slowly poured the vial down Gaius throat.
"Ahhh, thank you." He said.
"Your, welcome" Alice said.
The rain continued to pour, but was more calm. Elise's head rested on top of Alice's lap, she stirred a few times but was still to weak to get up, Gaius on the other hand got up by himself.
"Ah, I feel as good as new. Here let me take a look as my daughter." He said coming over to where she was laying down.
"Hmm..." he sighed. "John, I need your help again"
"Uh, yes sir." John agreed, sitting down beside Gaius. Gaius then took both of Johns hands and made a small incision in both with a knife he had stored away in his coat, blood started to pour from both.
"What are you doing, sir?" John asked as Gaius took both of his hands and layed them on both of Elise's wrist.
"You see these stones, on her bracelets and choker?" Gaius explained. John nodded, already having an idea of what they were.
"They're called Blood Gems, they are the source of her power. I'm a defender of the Human Realm from the perils of the Mystic Realm. So of course I have many enemies. I gave these to Elise to defend herself. The one drawback to them is they need to be feed with some type of blood." Gaius said. A few minutes pass and Elise finnally wakes up.
"GET OFF OF ME YA CREEP" she yelled at John.
"I wasn't doing anything" John said back to her.
"Yeah right, creep"
John sighed and looked at Gaius who was just smiling.
"Daddy!!! How could you do that to our house!" Elise continued her yelling.
John was now smiling.
Time passed as the young heroes explained to Gaius exactly what happened with Deathlok. He was greatly impressed with how the heroes took care of themselves.
"Well I must take my leave now." Gaius said.
"WHAT!!!!" Elise yelled. "What about the house?" she asked.
"Oh about that, I'm sure one of your friends would be happy to oblige you in a temporary residence." Gaius answered.
"DAD, I don't know them that well..."
"So, you'll get to know each other better." Gaius said smiling. "You still know the account number right?"
"Yes, sir"
"Oh and John, I have something to give to you in the future. Well honey I'm sorry our time is cut short, again. I have a mission right now but I'll be back for you soon." Elise and Gaius embraced each other.
"Love you." Elise said.
"I love you too, honey." Then Gaius was gone in a flash.
"So which one of you two are going to take me in?" Elise asked. John and Alice looked at each other with a worried look on their face.


DragynFox just received a face full of boot by John.
"You bastard, I'll show you things my master has shown me." Saying that Fox once again charged at John. Fox threw a punch but John was able to dodge, what John didn't see was the counter, Fox attacked with his tail, tripping John. The clouds became violent, and lightning struck where John was a second ago.
"Wha? Oh, I see you have a speedster with you also." DragynFox smirked. "There you are!" he said grabbing out in the air. Suddenly his arms were around Cyclone who was choking for air.
"H-how did you do that?" Cyclone asked.
"My Hyper Sense, it can speed up my eyes to slow down whats going around me, namely you." Fox said with a smile.
Three arrows made contact with DragynFox's shoulder.
“Let go of my brother!” Arrow called to DragynFox.
“Sure” he said hurling Cyclone at her sister.
“AHAHAHAHAHA... you all are pathetic weak-”
Alice knocked DragynFox off his feet.
“How dare you hit me from behind. JERK!!!” Alice yelled at him.
“BI***” DragynFox said to her lying on the ground.
“WHAT WAS THAT!!!” she continued to yell, punching Fox into the ground. John, Elise, Jessica and Danny were all staring at the ass whopping taking place before them, even Wild Bull ceased to fight and couldn't stop staring.
“GET OFF OF ME!!!!” DragynFox pushing her off and knocking her straight in the face. She was sent back, but was caught by Elise.
“NO MORE GAMES, YOU ALL DIE TONIGHT!!!” DragynFox screamed.
That sounds familiar... John thought.
To Be Continued...
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UltimateInterpol Produtions Present... The Ultimate Outsiders
Issue #6: Outsiders Disassembled

Thunder clapped loudly from above, DragynFox was pissed, even Wild Bull began to retreat.
"Forget this, I know what happens when he gets like that." He said to himself running away. John rapidly thought of what to do.
DragynFox rose into the air, controling the sky it self.
"YOU WILL ALL DIE NOW!!!" He yelled. He charged down towards Arrow, she was too scared to even move. Luckily her brother was able to get her out of harms way.
DragynFox's punch caused a slight earthquake, damaging a few building in the process. He started to laugh hysterically. Elise began to move in preparing a strong energy blast. DragynFox was ready unleashing a lightning bolt upon her. "Ughhh," Her aura was able to protect her from most of the bolt's energy.
"AHAHAHA... I'm ready for all of you now," Fox sneered.
A car impacted DragynFox from behind, Alice was on the offensive once again. She hit Fox with three punches, John had taught her earlier.
An energy blast hit him from behind, Elise was already up from her last hit.
Phhhhut...Phhhhut ...Phhhhut
Three arrows made contact hitting DragynFox's shoulder. DragynFox was looking at his wounds from each of the hits, he looked weakened. He then laughed at the tired Outsiders.
"You all are so weak, when will you get it through your thick skulls that you will not win this. Just give up." He told them.
"Never" John said back to his opponent.
"Hmm, you, your the weakest most pathetic of them all." He snickered at John.
"Fine lets see, Outsiders! Stand down, and also both of you." He said looking at Arrow and Cyclone.
"What?" Arrow asked.
"Sorry, no offense but I want a chance at this guy alone." John said in his steely tone.
"Be our guest" Cyclone said to him.
John moved into a defensive position and brought out one of his batons.
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... stop this stop, HAHAHAHAHA... are you serious, all of you combined couldn't take me, Hahahaha... what makes you think you can stop me by your self." DragynFox sneered.
"Don't be worried about me." John said back to him.

John dodged Fox's incoming attacks.
Okay no need to be fancy, just got to help him aim... John dodged an the...!
BOOMMM... DragynFox took out a huge chunck of the building.
Thank god these buildings are abandoned...
John thought to himself, DragynFox was already chasing him again

The Ultimate Outsiders watched the battle carefully.
"Five bucks on the Lizard" Danny said.
"Shut up" Jessica told him.
"Hi, I'm Alice by the way" She said putting out her hand towards Jessica.
"I'm Arrow, and this is my brother Cyclone-"
"Are those your real names?" Alice asked.
"That's what you can call us..." Jessica told her trying to sound polite.
"You can call me Danny" Danny said shaking Elises hand.
"Danny! We agreed to keep secret identies!"
"Sorry sis, I forgot" He sarcastically said.
BOOMMMM... Another building was struck.
"Who's that?" Jessica said motioning towards the guy fighting DragynFox.
"Oh, thats John" Alice said.

"Stop jumping around you lettle monkey" DragynFox yelled at John, who was getting slower as he got more tired. DragynFox seemed to be getting slower also.
John got hit straight in the gut.
"Hahahaha... I told you I have a hyper sense."
John fell to his knees, he could barely hear DragynFox's remarks. He felt like he got hit by a cannonball. John began to laugh. DragynFox looked at him as if he was crazy.
"Bastard your about to die, the last thing you should be doing is begging me for a quick death"
John continued to snicker. DragynFox picked him up by the collar and said, "Die Scu-Ummm"
John threw a couple of thermal charges in his mouth then kicked his chest to get away from him.
DragynFox's mouth erupted with an expulosion, smoke covered his entire head. When it cleared a very angry DragynFox head was still attached.
John brought up a detonator a clicked it.
An explosion blew up behind DragynFox. He turned to look, only to see a building about to collapse on him, one that he made unstable during the fight, one that John was able to get close enough and plant explosives on.
"OH, SH-" was all DragynFox able to get out.
The building fell on him.

"Wow, that was pretty cool, did you kill him?" Cyclone said impressed.
"Danny!" Arrow snapped.
"What happened to 'code names'?"
"Shut up"
"No, he's not dead. It'll take alot more to take him down." John answered.
"So what do we do?" Cyclone asked.
"We let the cops finish this." John said.
"Woah, what?" Arrow asked. "They won't be able to contain him. Plus we all know his 'Master', will get him off with nothing more then a slap on the wrist."
"We can't do nothing about that now. Don't worry he'll be getting alot worse then a slap on the wrist" John told Arrow.
"How do you know?" Alice asked.
"We all know that DragynWulf hates those who fail to follow his every order. Not only did we stop him from his mission, we made a fool of his disciple." John said to her.
Everyone nodded at his logic.
"C'mon, lets go I need to talk to you both about something," John said to Elise and Alice, "You both can come also, Arrow and Cyclone, right?" John asked.
"Sure but whats this all about?" Arrow asked.
"Yeah what is this all about?" Elise asked also.
"Look, I want us all to stop crime fighting for awhile,"
"What!!?" The group said in unison.
"Lets meet at the first Ultimate Marvels Base in half an hour, we'll talk there."
"Why don't we talk about it now?" Danny asked.
"The cops are coming and we know what they all think about vigilantes." John answered. "Lets just scatter for now, Ya'll know the place?" John asked Arrow and Cyclone.
"Yeah but we might not come." Arrow answered.
"Whatever, careful with your costumes" John said leaving the group.
"It was nice meeting you, um Arrow and Danny." Alice said walking in another direction.
"So long" Elise said flying to the roof tops.
Jessica and Danny were left there alone.
"We should go Sis." Danny said.
"I'm not sure yet, Bro." Jessica told him. This surprised Danny, he was wondering why she didn't just say no. Thats usually the way she was...

30 minutes later
Outside the old Ultimate Marvels HQ

Elise and Alice were already there conversating about what John had told them.
"What do you think he might be stop fighting crime?" Alice asked Elise.
"I don't know, but ever since I started living with you, he's been acting distant with us. I can't even find him during lunch at school or anything." Elise told her.
"God I hope we don't get in trouble, it has to already be close to midnight." Alice said.
"Don't worry so much, since we've been bunking, your mom seems alot happier that we gone and broke the rules." Elise said back. Alice just sighed.
"Am I interuppting ladies?"
"What the... where did you come from?" Alice jumped back.
"What? Am I too fast for you?" Danny laughed at her.
"Are we late?" Jessica asked the two girls.
"No, actually you beat John." Elise told her.
"Actually, I've been here the whole time." A voice said from the shadows of an alley they were next too.
"Gosh, why does everyone keep popping up everywhere." Alice remarked.
"Sorry." John answered.
"Whats this all about, John?" Elise asked.
"Well, we're all young superheroes and I want to ask everyone if they would like to stay this way. I mean we are all in our late teens, we have alot to look forward to. Some of us don't even have any powers, but I want to help and I hope I've proven myself somewhat tonight that I'm capable of being in this game. I want everyone to stop fighting crime for a three days and think about this. Some of you want to keep your ability a secret, I promise that it will be kept that way. Just call this number when you all think you are ready. If not, well, the Ultimate Outsiders are finished."
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UltimateInterpol Produtions Present...The Ultimate Outsiders
Issue #7: Kin

'Power Girl? Ultima? Supergirl? Marvel Girl? Gosh why is this so hard?' thought Alice leaving her school. 'What the hell should my name be.'
Alice was worried about her codename, she was certain all of the other members of the Outsiders had therer own. 'Blood Gem, because thats the source of her power, Arrow, because thats her weapon, Cyclone, because of hes speed and John, well he doesn't have one yet...' Alice did not know why she was looking for a codename, she wasn't even sure she would goin back on the Outsiders. Alice was walking home without Elise today. Elise for some reason wanted to visit her old broken down home. Alice suspected that the're were things she left there that needed to be recovered for the sake of the universe, she skipped school.
Alice really began to like having Elise around with her. She got introduced to alot a music she hadn't known about before...
*click click click click click* ... some one was taking her photograph. Alice didn't notice being lost in her thoughts.

A Few Hours Later
Some Place in the City
*Knock Knock Knock Knock*
A man opens the door to some lowly warehouse.
"What do you want?" the man asked holding a shotgun to the unexpecting man. The man who knocked on the door was dressed in a black suit with a loose tie.
"Get the gun out of me face, Cody, before I shove it down your throat!" The man in the suit said.
"Sorry, Vincent." Cody said to Vincent quickly moving the shotgun away. Cody was a fat, balding middle aged man dressed in pants and a buttoned up shirt.
"I got a job for your boy."
"Sorry, he's not taking any jobs right now." Cody said closing the door.
Vincent stopped the door.
"Why not?"
"He's looking for someone."
"And who would that be?"
"I don't know" again Cody tried to close the door, but was stopped again.
"Listen A******," he grabbed Cody my the throat with one arm "I've got a job for him, from the higher ups!"
"What is it?" said a voice in the darkness of the warehouse, a dark voice.
"Hey Damien" Vincent said sounding casual. "I've got a job for ya, cash in advance, as always. I hear your looking for someone."
"Does this girl look familiar?" Vincent said throwing Cody aside and pulling out some photgraphs in his jacket. Alice could be seen on the photos. A omious glow came from the warehouse in the center. It was like black fire.
"Where did you find her?"
"It's all there, do what you want with it."
A crazy laughter came from the warehouse and the glowing became more firce.

The Middle of the Night
Alice's House
Alice woke up in her bed with cold sweat dripping down her face.
'What the hell?' she asked herself waking from the terrible nightmare.
'Alice help me...' a voice in her mind said.
"What the hell?" Alice said.
'Alice help me,' The voice said again. Alice could swear that it was Elise.
"Elise?" Alice asked.
'Help me, follow the trail...'
A transparent red bubble appeared followed by another, then another. Alice was sure they were from Elise. Alice jumped out of bed and got dressed in a tanktop, jeans and jacket. Then rushed after the red visible bubbles. The voice continued.
'Hurry Alice, help me' Elises voice said sounding hurried.
"I'm coming" Alice said.
Alice got into her car and drove quick towards the bubbles that started to raise in the sky, a couple of blocks and Alice was already at the business district with tall buildings all around her. The bubbles reached up towards on particular building, an X3 building. It was a very tall building reaching 83 floors. She stopped her car in front of it and looked at the bubbles flowing up towards the top. Making sure thats the destination.
The builing is open as if inviting her and she walks towards the elevator. She pushes the button up, and it opens as if waiting for her.
'This has got to be a trap' she thought.
Alice felt she didn't have a choice, she went inside the elevator and automatically it began to rise, higher and higher. Alice was scarred now, 'What the hell was I thinking?' she tought to her self. The elevator kept up its pace non-stopping. Alice could hear her heart beat, fear was taking over her. She started to shake 'Get a grip' she told herself, but then she began to see what she was so afaid of a dark aura. Something was at the top of the building and shes not going to like what she finds.

The Same Time
The 83rd floor of the X3 Building
The floor was one giant room, the office of the president of X3. A lone boy about the age of 18 stood in there anxiously waiting for the elevator to reach him. The room was lit with moon light. 'Here you come' the boy thought excitedly.

The Same Time
The Elevator on the X3 Building
'S*** my phone won't work' thought Alice 'Okay I just have to get throught this, I'm strong, I can handle this'
Alice jumped at the noise. The doors opened.
From the office someone hurddled the office desk, a desk that must have weighed just under a ton, into the elevator.
"Aghhh" Alice choked as she slowly pushed the desk off of her. The desk was a direct hit, and it hurt her real bad. She finnally saw the sourcce of the terrible power that she could actually feel. A bow with black hair, black eyes and wore nothing but black. He reached out to her, which Alice thought was strange considering he was a couple yards away. He held his hands as if he was holding a cup. Alice started to feel pressure around her neck.
"What the-" Alice gasped.
She was raised off the ground and brought closer to ther boy who was standing in the office. Alice continued to struggle, she could feel blood drip from the wound in her left shoulder where she was hit by the desk.
"Who-who are you?" Alice managed to whimper out.
"You don't know me?" the boy asked. His grip became looser.
"No, no I don't!" Alice cried out.
"Well I know you," the boy said with a scary smile "I know all about you."
Alice was scared out of her mind, she didn't know what to do. "Who are you?" she asked again.
"I'm Damien, Alice, your brother." he yelled.
Alice stared at him 'That can't be' was her first thought.
"How?" Alice asked, she fell to the floor, Damien let go of her.
"So the corporation messed you up this much or it might gave been that doctor who thought every experiment was immoral." He seemed to be talking to himself, Alice thought.
"Alice don't you relize your destiny? Don't you relize who you are? We, Alice are the the children of Chaos."
"No, I'm not." Alice whimpered staring at him, 'Your crazy.'
"I'm not Alice, tell me where did you get your powers?" He asked.
"I don't know radioactive waste, cosmic waves, something?"
"Gene splicing. Gene splicing from other super powered beings. Chimera."
"Aggghhhh!!!" Alice screamed. Flashed passed through Alices head, flashbacks of experiments, needles, test, training...
"What... are... you... doing... to me.?" Alice wailed.
"I'm breaking your memory bonds in you mind. You must know the truth."
The flashes went faster in her mind, tears were running down her face. "Stop, stop, please!" Alice begged.
"No, Alice this is your destiny."
The flashes continued then stopped showing a mutated woman in a container tube, she opens her eyes.
"STOP IT!!!!" Alice yelled fiercely. Damien lost his connection. Alice was on her feet ignoring her own pain.
"S***!!" Damien said, "You've tapped into your chaos?"
Alice punched Damien so hard, he went flying across the room. She wnt after him again but he was ready this time. He dodged her first punch and blocked the next. He aimed an upper cut at her and made full contact. She went flying back.
"Sister, we mustn't fight. We are kin, we must work together to unleash Chaos, our master."
"**** YOU!!!" she yelled.
"Sister don't make me hurt you." he said becoming enflamed by black fire, I've been spliced with the power of a man with virtually unlimited power. Your coming with me one way or another. Your Chaos powers are also unlimited, but you can't control them, they control you."
They charged at each other. Alice in a blind fury, and Damien in a strange calm.
Their fist made contact with each other. A sonic blast was created from the impact and crashed the windows around them. Alice was stunned, she couldn't move her body. Damien smiled.
Damiden punch her right in the gut.
Alice fell to her knees overcome with pain. She couldn't ignore it any longer.
"Please, Alice I don't want to hurt you any more, were family, and we got to rule the world together..."
Alice was on her knees hoping gor another burst of energy. It never came.
"Alice," Damien said in a soothing voice "Don't fight this. It's going to happen we will at last have our chance to fight the people that made us into abominations. Regualr society will never accept us. All we have is each other."
Alice thought of Elise, John, and also Arrow and Cyclone.
"They'll accept us one day" Alice said keeping her head down.
"You stupid *****!!! You don't deserve the powers you were given!"
Damien picked her up by the throat.
"Sister, you'll learn to accept your destiny. You don't get a choice. The people of chimera picked for us. Now they will witness the powers of chaos. We will show them what they have done to us and see our master reborn to this new age of chaos."
"Go to hell..." Alice said.
"I've seen hell sister, and so have you, with all of your memories bumping in to each other, you may not see it yet."
"Shut up, please, leave me alone."
"Eh?" Damien said "Leave you alone, why, why does my sister wish me away?"
"I have a life now." Alice said looking at Damien with tears in her eyes. "I'm not sure how I got it, but the past is the past."
"Your remembering" Damien said with a crooked smile.
"I won't leave you, our master wouldn't want that. She needs us Alice. Your weak, sister. At this point it's only logical to give up."
"I knew you would see it my..."
Alice kicked him where it hurts the most, between his legs.
"AHHGGGHHH!!!!" Damien yelled. He let go of Alice, and grasped at his crouch. Alice began to run but her feet felt like they weighed a ton each.
With that Alice began to rise in to the air.
"Wha-What are you doing?" Alice cried.
"FLY" He screamed.
Alice was thrusted with great force out of the window. Damien heard her fading scream, and pulled out his cell phone.
"She's in the lobby" he said looking at Alice, who was spread eagle on a crushed car.
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Ultimate Interpol Presents... The Ultimate Outsiders
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